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Distribution Model

We carry out the promotion, marketing and distribution of your products for the entire Chinese territory. This implies a series of expenses and investments in logistics, marketing and commercialization prior to the sale, so we will always ask you for the EXCLUSIVE one throughout the territory, whether it is sales through traditional markets (wholesalers and retailers) or of the e-Commerce channel.

It is necessary to fulfill these three phases to develop this model: 

  1. PHASE 1. Complete and sign the mandatory documentation (Authorization Certificate and Distribution Contract), create your company dossier (History and differential value, brand registration - recommended, product sheets, prices and samples, brand advice, etc.) and, finally, personalize your business proposals. In the case of wholesale and retail distribution, it is essential to have the product approved by the corresponding Administration. 
  2. PHASE 2. Professionally translate the company dossier into English and, optionally, into Chinese. 
  3. PHASE 3. Select the most suitable clients according to your needs and your production capacity, negotiate and sign orders with a minimum purchase commitment, prepare and size logistics based on signed orders and distribute them in the most efficient way.

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