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Training in sales

We believe in people as the backbone of any organization and, above all, in a sales team as the visible face of a company with values ​​and a customer-oriented organization. 

Our solutions in the Training area are:





Training in values
VALUE searching
Time Management

Customer Intelligence:
    - Segmentation
    - Get new customers
    - Negotiation Techniques
    - Customers Development
    - Customers Loyalty
Sales strategies
Customer VALUE

Customer Focus
Negotiation Thechniques
Time Management

Control Panel
Customer Experience
Tools Optimization

How do we do it? We offer several alternatives so that you can decide the best option: 

  • PRESENTIAL. In the classrooms of Segmentia. We run sales training courses for students of all types of companies and sectors. Maximum 20 people per course. 
  • IN-HOUSE. We run personalized courses at the facilities of each client. Maximum 20 people per course. 
  • e-LEARNING. Coming soon 
  • BLENDED. Coming soon Call us and we can talk:

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