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Sales Consulting

We are committed to you. To help you, we study in depth three fundamental areas of your company: 

1. Business Model. We analyze your model to identify your needs and design specific action plans for your development. In addition, we analyze your level of competitiveness to detect areas for improvement and growth opportunities. 

2. Client Structure. We study the composition of your client portfolio in depth to identify their needs, establish the optimal size of the portfolio and design specific personalized action plans for each phase of the client's life cycle. We also help you detect potential clients for your business. 

3. Sales Team. We design the optimal structure of the sales team, train the team and transfer your company's strategy to its daily performance to focus on meeting the company's objectives and their own. All this, developing sales motivation policies. 

How do we do it? Mainly, in two different ways: 

  • Traditional consulting. We travel to your company with our team to develop the activity. 
  • Interim Management. We temporarily assign an executive with proven abilities to manage the entire consulting process and transition to the new sales model. 

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