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HITS®. Our methodology

Our method is based on four basic pillars:

1. H FOR HONORABILITY. As an identifying value of an ATTITUDE, as an ethical code of conduct that generates trust, based on respect, discipline, sacrifice and perseverance, as a form of leadership based on example and as a management model "infected" by the entire organization. 

2. I FOR INTELLIGENCE. To optimize the sales process and apply the differential value. To intelligently handle all the actions that span the customer's life cycle (prospecting, segmentation, acquisition, development, maintenance, abandonment prevention and recovery). And also to apply emotional intelligence that allows us to offer personalized solutions.

3. T FOR HARD WORK (Trabajo Duro in Spanish). Hard work and effort allow us to take action. Theory without practice is utopia, practice without theory is routine: only the sum of the two leads to success. We believe in a work system based on discipline and effort, emphasizing the importance of personal improvement to be more efficient every day.

4. S FOR FOLLOW-UP (Seguimiento in Spanish). Intensive monitoring allows companies to make decisions about their clients and their teams. Each client is different: needs a personalized treatment and needs individualized supervision to draw conclusions and take corrective or strengthening measures. The same thing happens with the sales team: each person thinks and feels differently, and only a correct follow-up will allow them to improve their personal and professional performance.

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