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Wednesday, 17 Oct 2018

Work with us

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HITS is a revolutionary method that is changing the world of sales and marketing. It is a professional experience, but also a personal experience. We want to be a cultural reference point in the 21st Century and in order to do that we need you: we need you to be a part of this culture, which means accepting responsibilities, challenges, humility, hard work, discipline and life-long learning; but above all it means making a commitment to make sure our clients are successful.

We know it’s not easy to meet the extremely high standards required by Segmentia because we only work with the best. But mainly, we are talking about the best in terms of ATTITUDE and the best in VALUES. The technical aspects of the business and skills are up to us; we will take responsibility for training and shaping great professionals, thorough, methodical and creative individuals with the will to succeed… If this describes you already, we will enhance and develop your abilities even further.

Ah, and there’s one more requirement: you have to BELIEVE in our project.

Join the new sales culture of the 21st Century!








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