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Wednesday, 17 Oct 2018

The HITS Method

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HITSToday, quality is taken for granted. That’s why at Segmentia we push ourselves to go further: we understand that offering quality in our work is no longer enough, and so we strive to find SOLUTIONS to the needs of our clients. We believe that the key is no longer to guarantee customer satisfaction, but to supply their success..

This can only be achieved with the right attitude and talent. Attitude is closely linked with our values and those of our company: we are of the opinion that success in life and business is 30% aptitude (studies, knowledge, etc), and the other 70% is grounded in the mentality and dedication with which we approach all areas of life. The important thing is not what happens to us, but rather the meaning we give to what happens to us and the way in which we choose to respond. Statistics show that in the event of failure, 80% of people do not try again, and when faced with a second failure, 98% give up all together.

We strive to shape leaders capable of finding the VALUE of things, of moving past the superficial meaning of something that has not worked, try new approaches and discover new possibilities. Only companies with compact teams made up of leaders will be prepared to emerge stronger from this crisis, because there is one fact that is irrefutable: crises sink companies, but not sectors.

That is why we have created and registered our HITS Method, which is a sales model based on the VALUE of people, products and services, and which has been forged through years of experience and proven success, including not only technical and strategic aspects related with marketing and sales, but also incorporating other attitudinal elements that guarantee results. HITS incorporates four inseparable elements:


1H FOR HONOUR. As an identifying value of this ATTITUDE we are talking about, as an ethical code of conduct that generates trust, based on respect, discipline, sacrifice and perseverance, as a way of leading by example and a management model that ‘spreads’ to the entire organisation. Values such as commitment, authenticity, integrity, courage, maturity, fairness, creativity, generosity, humility, firmness, effort, efficacy and reasonableness, among others, are values that companies cannot ‘buy’ from their employees; they can only be obtained voluntarily. They could all be included in honour, which is why we have chosen this value.


2I FOR INTELLIGENCE. To optimise the sales process and find differential VALUE. To treat with intelligence all the marketing and sales actions that encompass the customer’s entire life cycle (prospection, segmentation, engagement, development, maintenance, prevention of departure, and recovery), and which are found in both the technical aspects related with sales and in the attitudes, principles and differential values to achieve success. Also to develop emotional intelligence that allows us to see what and who we have to deal with when working with the client, offering these TAILORED SOLUTIONS we were talking about previously, and making sure our clients achieve success.


3 T FOR TOIL. Because only through hard work and toil will we be capable of moving into ACTION. Theory without practice is utopia, practice without theory is routine: so, we firmly believe that only by joining these two things will we achieve success. We believe that we should not only teach people marketing and sales techniques, but that we are also obliged to work together in the different channels to apply them and put them into operation, establishing a working system based on discipline and hard work, emphasising the importance of personal betterment to improve every day. That is how we will ensure our clients achieve their objectives.


4 S FOR SUPERVISION. Supervision is essential when it comes to strengthening and improving relations with clients and employees. Without intense monitoring and supervision, companies will find it difficult to make decisions about their customers and their teams. Each customer is different and therefore requires personalised monitoring in order to analyse the commercial and marketing actions carried out with a view to drawing conclusions and taking action to correct or improve where required. The same thing happens with the members of a sales or marketing team: they all think and feel differently, and so their actions must be supervised to find the means of improving their personal and professional activity. That way, we will be able to create personal and emotional bonds that will strengthen the entrance and exit barriers of our teams and our clients.


All our consultancy and training services for marketing and sales revolve around the HITS Method. This method has been created through many years working on several successful projects in different companies and sectors, and over the years we have progressively improved on it and adapted it to the business reality. It is not just a theoretical model; we have put it into practice and seen that it works, always offering results that are superior to the average. This has led us to make it the pillar of our company.




HITS allows us to offer real solutions to our clients in order to supply their success. These solutions are classified into three areas:

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