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Wednesday, 17 Oct 2018

Differential offer

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Differential offerThe foundations supporting our differential offer are as follows:

1 Our HITS Methodology. Exclusive, innovative and a guarantee of success. It is registered in the name of Segmentia Sales Solutions SLU and has four basic pillars: honour, intelligence, toil and supervision.

2 We have found the perfect way of combining science with the human factor. We believe that people are the backbone of any company and that science can be applied to some parts of the sales process. But we are not talking about complicated science here; rather a way of ordering the working system and monitoring actions.

3 We implement the projects on which we have been consulted if the client so requires. We are committed to helping our clients manage change and implement any improvements required.

4 Our commitment to our client’s results. We operate on the basis of a success fee, so we only win if our customers do, which means that our fees are divided into two parts: the first to cover the fixed costs of the project, and the second aimed at generating profits for us only if our client also makes profits.

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