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Wednesday, 17 Oct 2018

About us

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About usThe members of the Segmentia team have extensive experience in Marketing and Sales in different sized companies from different sectors. We have played an active role in designing and implementing technological applications for major corporations and taken part in multiple strategic consultancy processes at the highest level.

We specialise in segmenting databases and designing marketing and sales strategies aimed at covering all stages of the customer’s life cycle. We also set ourselves apart by implementing these strategies, providing the relevant training for your sales force and supporting them on the ground to correct and improve if required.

We have experience giving talks and conferences, taking part in specialised radio programmes, and delivering sales training and management skills development courses.

At Segmentia, we have put together the best multidisciplinary team of professionals from the field of Marketing and Sales, experts and winners every single one, connoisseurs of the current market and specialists in intelligent customer management. But what really sets us apart is our strength, our hard work, our discipline and our commitment to clients..

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