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Wednesday, 17 Oct 2018

The Company

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Segmentia OfficeEverything changes at the speed of light: something that works fine one minute is outdated the next. A whole host of different facts and data are demanding renewal and renovation: white collar jobs in developed nations are doomed to extinction within 15 to 20 years; the top 10 most demanded jobs in 2010 did not even exist in 2004; we are preparing our students to carry out jobs that do not exist at the moment and to resolve problems as yet unknown… We are living in exponential times where everything is evolving at a dizzying speed and so we must adapt if we do not wish to be left behind.

This compels us to rethink our traditional ideas of what a company or an organisation is. Old-school business security is evaporating and in these new times the only defence is a strong attack. It is harsh, but necessary; so we must shake off our fears and discover new opportunities... Those of us who are capable of offering something different, that is. We must be different. The world of business demands agility and flexibility. That is the way of the modern world. Companies are becoming lighter, more streamlined, which means that services are increasingly being outsourced to PSP, or Professional Service Providers, demanding lower costs but the same quality…

But nowadays quality is taken for granted, so we have the obligation to go even further. Where before there were products or services, now there are SOLUTIONS. So, the key is no longer to guarantee customer satisfaction, but to supply their success..

That can only be achieved with the right attitude and talent, looking up, looking straight ahead and knowing what the person standing in front of us really needs...

  • Attitude is closely linked with our values and those of our company: it is about the personality of our company, the values we have made our own.
  • Talent does not walk alone; in its shadow we see self-esteem, faith in human beings, the determination to be enterprising and the will to serve, the mature sense of individual responsibility and a passion for winning.
  • Looking up means we are interested in the needs of our fellow humans, their concerns and insecurities, what they like and what brings them joy… Only then will we be able to move towards the economy of experience, of feelings, going further in our customer relations.

And not just that; there are other decisive factors that give tone and colour to our existence: the first factor is WORK, since hard work has become a truth that has been silenced, minimised and sequestered by a social and cultural climate dedicated to selling empty air, opting for the easy path and shying away from difficulty. The second is CHARACTER, which is like a muscle that must be exercised in order to gain strength and stamina, and that is achieved by sculpting effort and discipline.

That is the soul of Segmentia and our reason for being…

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