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Wednesday, 17 Oct 2018


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FormaciónAt Segmentia, we believe people are the backbone of any organisation. We believe that companies must support them and have the obligation to give them adequate training, both for their own personal benefit and for that of the company. Our commitment to our clients involves providing high quality Sales and Marketing Training solutions that generate VALUE.

We combine our experience, our specialisation in this business area, our ongoing innovation and our HITS methodology to help the people working for our clients to improve their attitude to sales and to develop their knowledge of the skills required in order to deliver a strong professional performance.

We offer the following Training solutions:






- Team work

- Training in values

- The search for VALUE

- Leadership

- Time management


- Customer intelligence according to life cycle:

* Segmentation

* Engagement

* Negotiation techniques

* Customer development

* Maintenance

- Sales strategy

- VALUE of the customer


- Customer focus

- Negotiation techniques

- Time management


- Ratios and Customer experience

- Knowledge of tools

We can offer the following types of training to our clients:

1 Attendance-based: in the Segmentia training rooms. Courses are delivered about significant issues related with sales and marketing, attended by professionals from all kinds of companies and sectors. Maximum 20 people.

2 In-house: depending on the needs of our clients, we can deliver specialist and adapted courses on their premises. Maximum 20 people.

3 e-Learning: coming soon

3 Blended: coming soon

For more information, contact us.

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