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Wednesday, 17 Oct 2018


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For us, our main concern is that our clients should be successful. That is why we are offering to be your partners in the development of the sales and marketing area. We manage the definition and implementation of your sales force through outsourcing, as well as the online presence of your business, product, or service, brand, or business area.



- Sales Force

- Marketing Digital

- Commercial intermediation

In this respect, we manage the Direct Channel (Sales, Telemarketing, and Points of Sale) and the Internet Channel, taking responsibility for the whole Digital Marketing strategy, tailored to the specific needs of your company.

It is a simple way of dipping a toe into the exploitation of business opportunities, limiting risks and investment, since our pledge is that we won’t make a profit if our client doesn’t.

We also make the commercial capacity of our most highly-qualified employees available to our clients to attract and engage new accounts. So, our clients can have access to the advice and guidance of Segmentia’s top executives in major negotiations on the basis of the success fee premise: in other words, if the customer wins, so do we… There are two requirements to access this service: they must be major negotiations with strategic clients and negotiations must be led first hand by executives from Segmentia.

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